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Koingo RoboPostman


RoboPostman allows you to custom tailor messages to include dynamic content specific to each recipient. Include birthdays, custom notes, links with rotating affiliate codes, and more.
Original: $19.95 Now: $13.97

Koingo MacPilot


MacPilot is one of most popular system utilites which can easily enable and disable hidden features in Mac OS X, optimize and repair your system, and perform numerous routine maintenance operations with the click of a button!
Original: $19.95 Now: $13.97

Koingo MacCleanse


MacCleanse is a small but powerful application geared towards purifying your system. In only seconds, it can perform over fifty tasks sucha as safely erasing caches, logs, cookies, histories, and more…
Original: $19.95 Now: $13.97

Koingo Librarian Pro


Koingo Librarian Pro is a complete personal inventory system which allows you to input records for each item into a master database, so you are able to quickly navigate through your titles.
Original: $19.95 Now: $13.97

Koingo Image Smith


Koingo Image Smith is a handy batch image processing tool which can easily scale, reorient, recolorize, convert, and flatten images.Open numerous different picture file types, and output in the most common industry standard formats like JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
Original: $15.95 Now: $11.17

Koingo Digital Sentry


Koingo Digital Sentry is an exelent data encryption software which monitors your Mac system for specific events, and then performs a vast array of unique actions in response.
Original: $19.95 Now: $13.97

Koingo Data Guardian


Data Guardian gives you a secure way to save your logins, passwords, addresses, notes, credit card numbers, receipts, and other information in a customizable database with up to 448-bits of Blowfish />
Original: $19.95 Now: $13.97

Koingo Amnesia


Koingo Amnesia is a useful utility which can help you easily, and completely, uninstall unused applications, Screen Savers, Dashboard Widgets, and Preference Panes to save valuable disk space!
Original: $19.95 Now: $13.97

Koingo AirRadar


AirRadar allows you to scan for open networks and tag them as favourites or filter them out. View detailed network information, graph network signal strength, and automatically join the best open network in range.
Original: $19.95 Now: $13.97

Alarm Clock Pro


Alarm Clock Pro offers itself as a modern replacement for your old alarm clock. No longer will you have to worry about winding your alarm clock up or making sure it has good batteries in it. You’ll also never wake up with a headache from that wretched ringing.
Original: $19.95 Now: $13.97